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Skytraxx 2.1+FANET+FLARM


Variomètre complet / GPS / Espaces aériens / G-Record / FANET+FLARM

Le Skytarxx 2.1 offre des possibilités sans précédent et vous soutien pendant le vol avec ses fonctions pratiques. Le Skytraxx 2.1 Plus doté d'un processeur ultra performant, fonctionne avec une puissance de calcul énorme.

Housse velcro comprise.

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  • Brief description

     The SKYTRAXX 2.1 is the further development of the proven Skytraxx 2.0

     Compact size with silicone protective cover

     Very easy-to-use hightec Vario with high-precision sensor resolution <5cm

     Integrated obstacle database with appropriate warning when approaching

     Voice output

     Altimeter barometrically calibrated via GPS to 9999m

     Variometer with very sensitive response time (<0.5 seconds)

     The Variovert is read 60 times per second and averaged

     Compact device with integrated GNSS and logger

     Large graphics display with grayscale and best contrast in direct sunlight

     8 GigaByte Memory

     Runtime > 40 hours

     Thermal assistent

     Hike mode with GPX import and export functionality. Reading in a traveling route via e.g. GPSies or Hike & Fly is very easy

     FANET and FLARM integrated (optionally the Skytraxx 2.1 can be ordered without this function)

     Livetracking via OGN Stations without any fees.  Glidernet or LiveTrack24 can be used

     4 user-definable fields on each page

     USB-C interface

     No external software necessary

     Languages: German, English and French

     Windows, Linux and MAC compatible

     Optimal for use in DHV-XC (OLC).

     WIFI integrated

    Display options

     MSL, QNE, QFE, Flightlevel, Glide ratio, Local Time, UTC-Time, Flight Time, Speed, XC-Points, XC-Distance, XC-Typ, XC-Speed

     Units can be set separately for altitude, distances, climb rate

     Automatic setting of Summer and Wintertime

     Several pilot profiles

     FANET datas to the following: distance, course, altitude, climb rate, speed

     FANET ground stations can send wind direction and wind force

     In Hike mode, there are other displays such: Altitude difference or remaining distance

     AGL (Height above Ground)

     Vario digital and analog

     Winddirection and Windspeed

     Thermal display with track and Thermal assistent

     Charge indicator

     GNSS reception indicator

     Coordinate display in different formats

     QNH pressure indicator

     Fully automatic FAI assistant, graphic help to fly a FAI triangle with the best possible points

     3D airspace warning with indication of the direction to the fastest exit

     Firmware update, airspace update without additional software, also possible via WIFI

    Technical specifications

     8 GB Memory

     Display 240 x 160 3,2"

     Runtime > 40 hours


     Dimensions 90 x 114 x 20mm

     USB-C interface

     Weight 150 Gramm

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